Work with the International Community

Malta will continue to work in close cooperation with the international community in the global effort to prevent and counter terrorist activity. Malta is committed to resist and eliminate this outrageous and horrific attack on the everyday order and serenity of life in any society and the right of ordinary citizens to a secure and peaceful life. Malta also condemns all terrorist acts. Malta supports steps to further intensify and expand those concrete actions which respond to the immediate concerns of citizens. The international community's action against terrorism must be firm and decisive at all times.

Apart from intensely pursuing terrorists and the groups or networks supporting terrorist activity, Malta believes that the root of the problem also lies in extremism and extremist organisations that have gained popular support by substituting the State where the State has been unable to provide an adequate social security safety net to its people. As a consequence the poor and desperate conglomerate around extremist organisations which may also practice terror. Malta will continue to further the policy of international action aimed at strengthening social security systems provided by the State, a policy it has successfully introduced in the Five Year Work Programme of the Euro-Mediterranean (Barcelona) Process agreed to in November 2005.

Furthermore, one of the aims of elaborating a Policy of Development Assistance, in line with the Strategic Objectives of Malta's Foreign Policy (see objective 18), will be to contribute towards the reduction of poverty, social exclusion and injustice.​

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