Seek Maximisation of Multisectoral benefits

Seek maximisation of multisectoral benefits from Malta's international network of embassies and consulates. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in coordination with its international network of embassies and consulates, will continue to contribute to the wider effort to bring overseas investment into Malta, increase the export of Maltese goods and services, promote tourism, financial and maritime services, and commerce in general, coordinating closely with the relevant government agencies to ensure a common focus on the immediate and long-term goals of Malta's economic development in view of developing trends and business opportunities.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will also utilise more effectively its consulates spread around the world for the promotion of trade and investment putting them to the service of Maltese entrepreneurs in the process of seeking new markets for Maltese products and services abroad. In the multilateral and European Union context, the Ministry will seek to tap opportunities for international service and assignments for Maltese nationals, consultancies and businesses.

Expand and improve Malta's consular network

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to invest in the provision of consular services internationally, expanding the consular network to provide Maltese citizens with a network of assistance in case of difficulty or distress. In this regard, Malta continues to support efforts within the EU for the coordination of the consular networks of member states to enhance the services and coverage for EU citizens.​

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