Promote respect of the International Rule of Law

The International Rule of law offers the best guarantee of peace and stability in relations between and within states. Malta will continue to promote respect of the International Rule of Law rather than the use of military force and action in the resolution of international conflicts and disputes world wide.

Malta believes that the United Nations Organisation and its institutions and agencies must be the foundation of world peace and stability. Effective multilateralism, sanctioned by the United Nations Security Council, is necessary to ensure legitimisation of international action and to further coordination of efforts towards peace, prosperity and stability in the world today.

Effective post-conflict peace-building constitutes an important dimension through which the international community can give practical expression to the notion of collective responsibility. Malta will promote the reinforcement of the capacity of the United Nations in the area of peace-keeping and peace-building particularly the civilian role of peace activities for example in deploying police forces and humanitarian assistance. Malta supports the UN Peace Commission Reform and will seek to contribute to its success.​

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