Maintain a special focus on furthering dialogue, peace, stability and prosperity

Maintain a special focus on furthering dialogue, peace, stability and prosperity in the Mediterranean and the Middle East Malta will continue to play a proactive role in the promotion of peace and stability in the Mediterranean with the aim of continuing to improve the region’s prospects for peace and prosperity and the modular ongoing creation of a Euro-Mediterranean area of free trade, investment and stability based on respect for democratic values and the rule of law.

Malta will put its longstanding commitment to, and understanding of, the Mediterranean region to the formulation and adoption of European Union positions. European and Mediterranean security are firmly connected.

Malta has always insisted on this link. Malta will continue to further the strengthening of various Mediterranean and Euro-Mediterranean fora, both intergovernmental and parliamentary. In particular, Malta will continue to promote the Western Mediterranean Dialogue (‘Five plus Five’), the Mediterranean Forum, the Euro-Mediterranean Barcelona Partnership, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean and the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly.

As it has done consistently for decades, Malta will continue to pursue and support the policy of a two-state solution to the Israeli- Palestinian conflict, promoting confidence and dialogue between the parties involved in the Middle East Peace Process in the context of the Quartet’s Roadmap endorsed by both sides. Malta supports there newed momentum for peace marked by the disengagement by Israel from occupied territories in Gaza and parts of the West Bank. Malta fully endorses the ultimate objective of the existence of two neighbouring, viable and sovereign states, living in peace and security. Malta firmly opposes any statement calling for the obliteration of Israel.

Malta intends to maintain the role of rapporteur of the United Nations Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People serving as a voice of moderation and emphasising the importance of the United Nations as a multilateral forum for peaceful resolution of disputes and respect for the international rule of law.

Malta welcomes Iraq’s political transition in line with the United Nations Resolutions and the European Union’s Conclusions and supports all efforts towards peace and stability in the Middle Eastern region.​

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