Maintain special focus on issues relating to the Sea

The legal principle providing that seabed resources beyond the territorial waters of any state are the Common Heritage of Mankind was first introduced by Malta at the United Nations in the 1960s.

This was Malta's first international initiative and the term remains associated with Malta in numerous areas where its finds its application. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will further Malta's participation in the furtherance of the Law of the Sea and its effective application globally.

As a maritime nation, Malta will continue to develop systems and structures that will enable it to continue developing and sustaining a maritime technical and professional community that will serve to sustain its contribution to Europe-wide and, indeed, global discussion in the maritime sphere both within the International Maritime Organisation and the European Union. The International Maritime Law Institute (IMLI), established at the University of Malta, under the auspices of the International Maritime Organisation, has for many years provided a place of learning for many.

Malta will also actively contribute towards the European debate on the elaboration of a European Maritime Policy. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to cooperate closely with the relevant government agencies on all matters relating to international maritime issues in particular, the promotion of safe shipping and strong regulation on a global level.​

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