Elaborate and Action a Policy and Work Programme

Malta will build on the experience it has achieved so far in providing Humanitarian Assistance required in the wake of natural disasters, based on the Maltese people's sense of solidarity and generosity.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to maintain a strong coordinating role in organising humanitarian assistance to distressed areas by setting up crisis centres in the emergency phase, coordinating NGO support and managing the process of selecting development assistance projects aimed at providing long term humanitarian and development assistance. The Ministry will continue to carry out this function in conjunction with the Civil Protection Department, concerned line Ministries and Government Agencies as well as Non-Governmental Organisations as required.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will also elaborate a Policy of Humanitarian and Development Assistance to assist the poorest countries, particularly in sub-Saharan and the Horn of Africa, to achieve economic and social progress in these societies torn by structural economic disparities, poverty, unsafe water and poor sanitation.

The Policy of Humanitarian and Development Assistance will be based on the notion of 'combating poverty through development and will envisage contributing towards ongoing initiatives at the international level, particularly of the European Union as the world’s largest contributor to development aid. This Policy will also target specific actions and projects wherein Malta will seek to put to international service its particular areas of expertise. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will seek to provide support to local Non-Governmental Organisations dedicated to humanitarian and development assistance. Where appropriate it will also seek collaboration with international Non-Governmental Organisations.

Malta will continue to support its partners in the international community in strengthening the commitments towards increased and more effective development assistance in the coming years.

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