Make a success of European Union Membership

Malta will continue to pursue active and effective participation in the European Union's decision-making processes raising its profile, relevance and credibility.

Malta will proactively participate in European Union decisions, policy and law-making. Malta will continue to ensure that important matters of national interest are raised high on the European Union Agenda while continuing to be a team-player in the day-to-day construction of a strong European Union built on a culture of consensus and compromise.

In this context, "Forum Malta fl-Ewropa" will act as a point of reference on EU-Malta relations for civil society and for citizens, serving also as government's consultative mechanism with civil society on EU-related issues and a platform to discuss new ideas and initiatives with the aim of bringing the European Union closer to its citizens on the national level. The Forum will also offer support to civil society and citizens in relation to access to EU funding mechanisms and programmes seeking a wider tapping of these new resources.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue its engagement with regard to financial perspectives and to the continued flexibility of use of financial resources, particularly for newly-acceded states, and to the reform of the EU budgetary structure, and to the consideration of Malta's specificities arising from its island status and peripherality.

Malta will closely support future enlargement of the European Union within the parameters set by the Treaties, the Copenhagen criteria and in accordance with an appropriate pace of successful absorption in the interests of a strong, well-integrated European Union and peace and stability in Europe.

In this regard, subject to these considerations, Malta views the further enlargement of the Union as an impetus for the creation of a wider European area of peace, stability, democracy and human rights dedicated to the prosperity of its peoples in a spirit of solidarity.

Malta supports the European Union as a promoter of peace and cooperation. This is the case with regards to the framework for wider cooperation provided by the European Neighbourhood Policy and the Strategic Partnership for the Mediterranean and the Middle East. It will continue to give its active and dynamic contribution to the success of these policies.

The expansion of political rights and political participation is an essential dimension of the broader strategy to combat extremism in its different manifestations around the world. Malta welcomes the intensifying transatlantic engagement and, especially in the Middle East, believes such partnership as crucial for achieving peace, stability and home-grown economic, social and political reform in the region.

Malta will further European Union cooperation with the African Union and support developments that will further reinforce the many peace-keeping, humanitarian relief and reconciliation efforts currently under way in many parts of the African continent. Malta will also work towards an enhanced relationship between the European Union and the Arab League, promoting that dialogue in the common interest of all parties. Malta is committed to a successful European Union and considers this to be also a measure of its own success.​

Ministeru għall-Affarijiet Barranin u Ewropej
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Triq Il-Merkanti
Valletta, VLT 1171

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