The Consulate of Malta in Istanbul organizes a get-together for the small Maltese Community in Izmir

Reference Number:  , Press Release Issue Date: Feb 22, 2017
The Maltese Consulate General based in Istanbul recently organised a get-together for the small Maltese community in Izmir.

This community consists of descendants of a much larger Maltese community that thrived in Izmir during the 19th Century. They formed part of a wider Latin Catholic community known as the Levantines, who lived under the Ottoman Empire.

Mr Franklin Aquilina, Consul General of Malta in Istanbul, passed on personal regards from H.E. the President Marie Louise Coleiro-Preca and expressed his gratitude for all present. He said that although not born in Malta, they all form an integral part of the Maltese diaspora. Even though being a tiny community in Izmir, they are a living testimony to the large, diverse and remarkable diaspora history of the Maltese Islands world-wide. 

Mr Aquilina also reminded all present that there is a specific Directorate within the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, which serves as a direct link between the Maltese diaspora and the authorities in Malta.

The gathering was held at the Santa Maria Church, situated in the area where once the Maltese quarters in Izmir thrived. It was made possible with the kind assistance of Malta’s Honorary Consul in Izmir, Dr Ahmet Calik, Mr Christopher Tonna, himself part of the Maltese community of Izmir and the support of Turkish Airlines.


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