Malta hosts reception for EU Presidency at historic US senate building

Reference Number:  , Press Release Issue Date: May 26, 2017

On Thursday 18 May, HE Ambassador Pierre Clive Agius hosted a large number of guests at the Dirksen Senate Building in celebration of the achievements of the Maltese presidency of the EU Council. The event marks the first time an EU embassy has held an event at the historic building, which holds the offices of US senators and is known for housing a number of high profile hearings and countless congressional decisions. Joined by the EU Delegation Ambassador, Mr. David O’Sullivan and US Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), Mr. Agius highlighted the achievements of Malta and honored its relationship with the United States.

The reception brought together business leaders and Maltese academics, along with members of the diplomatic community and government officials in Washington DC. Also present were a number of journalists, private citizens, Maltese expats, and NGOs, eager to learn more about the changes and contributions Malta has helped to bring about to the EU during its six-month term. These include the expansion of visa-free travel with Ukraine, and the removal of roaming charges for cell-phone use throughout the Schengen zone, both lauded as positive steps in unifying the EU. 

This significant occasion sought to increase Malta’s profile in the United States and continue to build a friendship within the US congress while celebrating its strong relationship with the European Union, highlighting the importance of transatlantic cooperation and investment. These themes were echoed in comments by Mr. O’Sullivan and Senator Paul, who looks forward to visiting Malta for the first time later this summer. 


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