Welcome Note

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the revamped website of the Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs which was designed to introduce to the visitor the Ministry’s most distinctive foreign policies and, at the same time, acquaint the visitor with information that has a direct bearing on the Ministry's functions.

The Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs serves as a window to the world. My short term in office thus far has taught me that establishing bilateral and multilateral relations with all regions of the world is tantamount to a collaborative spirit for integrity, prosperity and stability.  This is all the more significant in the light of EU membership. Since 2004, Malta has garnered respect and recognition not only from Member States but also from the rest of the world. Malta today is a front runner and a key player in foreign affairs. Malta today can exert pressure not only at European Union level but also in the international scene.

Our foreign policy is based on a solid core belief system. In this respect, we have always adhered to our values and principles in formulating and implementing our domestic policies. Moreover, we have departed with a clear, realistic and objective perspective in our foreign policy: fundamental and unshakable principles, friendly neighbourliness, respect for sovereignty and self-determination, respect for international law, the support of co-operation among states and encouragement of opportunities of dialogue.

This demonstrates our belief that disputes must be solved in a spirit of understanding and civilised conduct in order for peace and stability to prosper in all regions of the world. We stand united in our commitment to world order, economic growth and social well-being for all the peoples of the world. This policy has enhanced positive relations with all countries and has reinforced our efforts to co-operate with other countries to restore stability in war-torn regions, eradicate poverty and provide humanitarian assistance in a spirit of brotherhood, friendship and constructive co-operation.

The world today is plagued with a myriad of unprecedented challenges that necessitate a concerted and unified effort. The world today is faced with civil wars, extreme poverty, climate change, illegal migration, environmental hazards, energy supplies and terrorism. Malta today does not stand alone in front of these seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Malta stands united with the rest of the European Union Member States and the rest of the world in a joint effort to find solutions. Global problems require global solutions.

I hope that you will visit our homepage regularly, and that it will provide useful news and information.

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