Q: I​ have run into difficulty while abroad and need the assistance of Malta's diplomatic mission. Where can I find contact details for the nearest diplomatic mission?

See Malta's Diplo​matic & Consular Representation. Alternatively you can go to any Embassy or Consulate of an EU Member State for consular assistance.

Q: Do I need an Identity Card or Passport to enter another EU Member State?

As a citizen of the European Union, all you need is your valid National Identity Card. It is advisable, however, that is also best to have your Passport available should you be required to prove your identity, should the former be misplaced. If public order or national security so require, checks at internal borders may be carried out for limited periods. 

Q: I am a Maltese citizen residing abroad; where can I renew my Passport?

You can renew your Passport through your nearest Maltese Embassy or High Commission. For details of your nearest diplomatic mission, please see Malta's Diplomatic & Consular Representation.

Q: I am a Maltese citizen wishing to work/study/travel in another EU country. Where can I find information about how to do it?

Please visit the Citizens First website; run by Europa, the European Union's portal. The site contains information about living, working, jobseeking, studying, training, doing research, buying goods and services, travelling and equal opportunities.

Q: How can I register a birth, death or marriage in Malta whilst abroad?

You should register a birth, death or marriage at your nearest Maltese Embassy or High Commission.​

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