We serve our country

We serve our country

Reference Number: 10112020, Press Release Issue Date: Nov 10, 2020
Mission Statement of the Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs

Our work is both within our country and beyond.
My ministry exists to serve the nation. We are responsible for Foreign and European Affairs. Our work could be interpreted as being focused on matters that happen outside and beyond our shores. In fact, it is the very opposite. Our remit is to serve the Maltese and Gozitans in Malta and far from our shores.

There are almost as many Maltese citizens living away from Malta as those living in Malta. Our duty is to be of service to them.  

Our duty is that, in planning and executing our international relationships is to try to achieve the widest possible consensus within our country. 

Our job is to work with other ministries, and with our social partners and as well in civil society for the common good for our people.

Securing peace with other nation states

Our duty is to develop and secure beneficial and peaceful relationships with our neighbours in Europe, in the Mediterranean and in Africa, and with the greatest possible number of countries, including those who may have an adversarial relationship with each other, in order to contribute to the overall benefit of Maltese citizens. 

We are guided by the values of neutrality, of a politics in favour of peace and disarmament; by principles that dictate that we are not used for the purpose of war with others, and that we must not enter into a military alliance with any other nation state. 

Our neutrality does not mean that we are indifferent to what happens around us. In today’s world, where technology and communications have made us the neighbours of everyone, what happens in other nation states and particularly in the Mediterranean soon has an impact on our lives. We need to use new media more effectively in our work.

We need to be more responsive to the happenings around us, understand their impact and be in a position to take appropriate action.

We need to protect ourselves from cyberwars, new forms of attack and aggression from the internet, invasions without the need of the traditional vehicles of war.

When there is conflict between nation states, we will continue to advocate for dialogue, reason and international law instead of armaments, murder and the law of the jungle. 

To improve the livelihood of our citizens

We work with other ministries and with the private sector to attract investment and increase commerce and support the efforts of Maltese businesses operating overseas, with the objective of increasing wealth, prosperity and enterprise in our country. 

We contribute to the fight against terrorism and international economic crimes such as human trafficking, the trafficking of oil, arms and drugs and money laundering. 

We recognise our responsibilities to save the planet from the climate emergency.

We support the promotion of our culture, the Maltese language and local talent overseas and we facilitate cooperation and partnerships with other nation states.

We contribute to the agendas of the United Nations, the European Union, the Council of Europe, the Union for Mediterranean and the Commonwealth in favour of democracy, human rights and sustainable development. 

We work to secure European Union funding and use this wisely for the public good.

We will be proactive in the development of European politics and we will operate in partnership with our friends in the European Union to ensure that the Union follows a pathway which will bring our nation prosperity.

We will ensure that European regulations will also facilitate national wealth such that our citizens and Maltese enterprise benefit from the wealth and opportunities of the European market.

In favour of dialogue and mutual respect

In tandem with other nation states, we will respect those from a different culture, race, religion and civilisation, and find common ground to live peacefully together, as opposed to stoking conflict and the destruction of each other.

Many of today’s challenges such as the climate emergency, security, international economic crime, the respect of international laws, the development of ethical technologies, the respect of human rights, immigration, the Covid-19 pandemic, terrorism, the spread of hate speech and fake news online, the threat of nuclear arms and new robot variants…. know no frontiers or borders. We need to work in concert with other countries since no one country can find unilateral solutions.

Where power and influence are equated with nation states with economic might and geographic size, it is never easy for micro-states like ours to continue to pursue a pathway for the benefit of our citizens, but we will not give up hope in this pursuit.

The corollary is that we believe that the love for our country, its citizens and the public good can coexist with our resolve to prevent harm to other nation states and their citizens. 

We need to be worthy representatives of our country 
We build on the achievements of those who served before us, since they had the courage to dream and work towards a predetermined objective - to make our country independent, a republic, without military bases, neutral and a member of the European Union; to live in a democracy while creating wealth and gainful employment, to improve the quality of life for our citizens and those who choose to live on our islands.

More than anything else: through our own commitment and behaviour, we seek to make known to the rest of the world the essence of what makes this country and its people unique and beautiful.