Talk on Climate Change Diplomacy

Reference Number: PR210543, Press Release Issue Date: Mar 18, 2021
The Office of the Permanent Secretary within the Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs organised the first of a series of thematic talks on a wide range of areas and dimensions of its diplomatic mission.
With the participation of the Ambassador for Climate Change, Professor Simone Borg, this talk focused on the challenges and opportunities associated with climate change.
Minister for Foreign and European Affairs Evarist Bartolo opened the virtual discussion by underlining the importance that the subject of climate change is not treated in isolation but harmonized in all the work of the diplomatic corps. This because, in his own words, climate change affects us in every area of ​​our lives, and if we do not take serious steps now, there is a great danger that our planet will change so much that it will no longer be sustainable and even worse, it will no longer be habitable for humans.
The minister stated that there is a great deal of tension between population growth and global resource constraints. In this context, he stressed that we must work together to change not only the way we produce but also the way we consume.
It is not an easy change, he added, especially for the countries in our region where the economy depends on fossil fuels. But this change also offers many opportunities.
Professor Simone Borg explained that Climate Change Diplomacy is one of the most important which is currently being given its due prominence by the International Community. This thematic talk, therefore, served as an introduction and an opportunity for the Diplomatic Corps to be at the forefront and to continue building on the initiative taken by Malta at the United Nations in 1988 when it launched this type of diplomacy dedicated to climate change.
While a detailed presentation of Malta’s position on the subject was given, the discussion also served as a showcase of the Diplomatic Corps’ potential to attract foreign investment that will strengthen the decarbonisation of Malta. It was also an opportunity to understand the local best practices and locally developed technologies with the rest of the world, with whom we must address the impacts of climate change.
Further thematic talks will be held in the coming weeks to expand the diplomatic corps’ knowledge and to strengthen its skills, placing it in the best position to fulfil its mission, that of serving our country.

Group photo of the event. 
 Minister Evarist Bartolo and Ambassador Simone Borg.