Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs joins girls around the world to mark the 10th anniversary of International Girls in ICT Day

Reference Number: 22042020, Press Release Issue Date: Apr 23, 2021
On 22nd April, the Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs joined girls around the world to mark the 10th anniversary of International Girls in ICT Day. The International Telecommunications Union, an international organization based in Geneva, launched the International Girls in ICT Day to create a global environment that empowers and encourages girls and young women to consider studies and careers in the growing field of information and communication technologies.

On this occasion, the Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs hosted a virtual event with select schools to enable the students to be aware of the possibilities offered by ICTs and give them the confidence to pursue ICT studies and careers. In addition to focusing on careers, the event’s objective was also to raise awareness, improve gender balance and reduce inequality. More than 100 students participated in the event.

The session reflected the experiences of Her Excellency Ms. Cecilia Attard Pirotta, Ambassador for Women, Peace and Security, as well as Dr. Deandra Cutajar, a Data Scientist at Concirrus in London, Dr. Gaby Azzopardi, a Computer Scientist at CERN in Geneva, and Ms. Danielle Martine Farrugia, Science Communicator at the University of Malta. Ambassador Attard Pirotta, currently responsible for the implementation of the National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security, which emphasizes the important role of women in conflict prevention and resolution said: ‘’If you want to influence change and make sure that this reflects the interests of women and girls, then consider ICT’’.

Dr. Cutajar, Dr. Azzopardi and Ms. Farrugia discussed their varied work experience in the private sector and underlined that gender is not a barrier to work in ICT, it enhanced their ability to have flexible responses, take decisions and become leaders in their field. The panelists advised all young women to embrace change and face the challenges in the different experiences of life.

The Hon. Mr. Evarist Bartolo, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs underlined the critical need for more girls and women in the ICT sector. The jobs of the future will be driven by technology and innovation—65 per cent of children entering primary school today will have jobs that do not yet exist. By engaging participants in Girls in ICT Day, the Ministry is contributing to help prepare for that future. The Minister said that women must be leaders in all sectors, including that of ITC, contributing to the  achievement of Malta’s vision and future goals. 

Minister Evarist Bartolo addressing the video-conference 
Ambassador Cecilia Attard Pirotta addressing the video-conference