Minister for Foreign and European Affairs Evarist Bartolo had a phone call with Libyan Minister of Foreign Affairs Najla Manghoush

Reference Number: PR210552, Press Release Issue Date: Mar 20, 2021
They agreed to work together for the good of the Libyan people and the people of Malta.

The two ministers spoke in favour of strengthening peace in Libya so that the Libyan people can begin to recover from the suffering they have endured during long years of war were unemployment has risen, prices have risen, electricity and water services were disrupted and a million families left their homes because of the war. 

In this context, Minister Bartolo reiterated that Malta will continue to work for a united Libya in the hands of Libyans for the good of all Libyans. 

He added that Malta will work within the European Union to provide Libya with the necessary assistance for its development and training for job and wealth creation and for Libya to build resilient state institutions, along with public health and education services.

The two ministers agreed to meet in Tripoli in the near future to draw up a plan and work together for the good of Malta, Libya and neighbouring countries in the Mediterranean, Europe, and Africa.