Malta increases its support to the UN Peacebuilding Fund

Malta increases its support to the UN Peacebuilding Fund

Reference Number: 17122021, Press Release Issue Date: Dec 17, 2021
Malta will contribute an additional $28,000 to the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund. The new contribution is an addition to the $60,000 Maltese contribution from 2021 to 2024.

Malta’s increased contribution to the Peacebuilding Fund is part of a strengthened Maltese engagement in support of the UN’s efforts to promote international peace and security.

The Maltese funding will support the Fund’s efforts to promote dialogue and the inclusion of women and youth in peace processes. It will also support the Fund’s work to tackle climate-related insecurity.

The contribution is a testimony to the Maltese Government’s strong support for the UN Secretary-General’s call for scaling up investments in prevention and peacebuilding.

The Peacebuilding Fund was established in 2005-2006 and has supported peacebuilding projects in more than 50 countries, including in the Horn of Africa and the Sahel.