Application Form

Eligible Applicants

Persons in possession of a valid Maltese residence permit and/or a Maltese valid work permit who, as a result of the exceptional circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic, would like to return to their country of origin (hereinafter referred to as ‘repatriation’).
MFEA is inviting these applicants to register their interest to be repatriated and the Ministry for Foreign and European A​ffairs (hereinafter ‘MFEA’) shall facilitate this repatriation.
  1. Applicants are to pay a nominal fee for this repatriation.
  2. MFEA reserves the right to refuse applicants repatriation, based on legal provisions, including but not limited to law enforcement and/or public health.
  3. Applicants’ data shall be retained for a period of two years.
  4. Applicants have the right of access to their data and the right to update their data.
  5. MFEA abides by the relevant regulations and laws governing data protection.

Application is now closed.