Creation of a friendship group Slovakia-Malta at the Slovak Parliament

Reference Number:  , Press Release Issue Date: Nov 19, 2020
Ambassador Dr Anthony Licari Doctorat Très Honorable [France], has just received some very positive news from Ms Silvia Gaberova, Head of the Foreign Relations Dept. of the Slovak Parliament, officially called The National Council, announcing the creation of a Parliamentary Friendship Group to Malta.

This is indeed excellent news reflecting the vast number of meetings, during the past eight years, of Ambassador Licari with Slovak structures in all areas. Among these meetings, there is the visit of Dr Licari to the Adoptions Centre in Bratislava to discuss adoptions of Slovak children to Malta. Dr Licari has held meeting with several Mayors in Slovakia to discuss twinning with Local Councils in Malta. He has also participated in lectures at the Slovak Police School and Police Academy. Dr Licari has translated into French the Slovak Police Museum brochure for visitors - which was only in Slovak, English and German.

At the University of Zilina, Ambassador Licari was asked to lecture about Maltese Language and Culture. At the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Bratislava, Dr Licari delivered a lecture on Language, Communication and Diplomacy.

In 2018, Dr Licari was twice invited to the Slovak Parliament to meet representatives of all political parties with whom he discussed various political and cultural matters between the two countries who already have many things in common.

Recently Ambassador Licari accompanied a delegation of members of the Malta Judiciary on an educational visit to Bratislava, where they familiarised themselves with the legal system and structures in Slovakia. At the prestigious Comenius University, the possibility of Maltese law students participating in international legal studies at this university was discussed.

The above important events and links with a Central European country promise to lead to further cooperation in several other areas.

Ambassador Dr Anthony Licari with Deputy Prime Minister Dr Eduard Heger and Dr Barbora Skapikova.