Visa services have resumed on 3 August 2020

In view of the measures taken to address COVID-19 (Corona Virus), the Republic of Malta and its Consulates are suspending all visa services as of 18 March 2020, until further notice. Visas will be issued only in extreme cases on humanitarian grounds or in the case of national interest or for the needs of health authorities.

Information and Advice from the Ministry for Health​

  • If you have coronavirus symptoms dial 111 or 2132 4086
  • If you are stuck abroad and need assistance dial 0036 2204 2200
  • If you are in quarantine and need help, including food or medicine delivery, dial 2141 1411
  • If you need education-related advice dial 2598 1000​​​​

Malta and Spain share a historical legacy, a European identity and a Mediterranean vision.  Our two countries’ historic ties, forged when Malta formed part of the Crown of Aragon created intense interaction which can still be felt in the streets of Malta today. The Prime Minister’ s office in Valletta, the Auberge de Castille, which housed the Spanish knights of the Order from Castille, Leon and Portugal, or the Auberge d’ Aragon, today’s Ministry for European Affairs, are some landmark examples.

Today, as in the past, Malta and Spain share a common destiny as members of the European Union. The first official visit of a Maltese Head of State to Spain in 2005 was reciprocated by King Juan Carlos in 2009. The creation of Hispano Maltese friendship groups and a Hispano Maltese Chamber of Commerce bear witness to a revival and deepening of this multilevel relationship.

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